for the traineeship period from 16 September 2019 to 15 February 2020

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Instructions before completing the application form:


  • Apply via the FireFox browser. Many errors occur due to applying via other browsers.
  • Prepare before filling in the application form:
    • Check whether your  application meets the admission criteria (via Regulation 79/2017) ;
    • Gather all the required information (your dates of studies and work experience, exact name of your university, etc.) before filling in the application form;
    • Write your motivation and competences in beforehand;
    • Check the document "departments" in order to find out which unit you would like to work for.
  • Read all "?" in the tabs as they contain valuable information.
    In case you encounter difficulties in filling in or submitting the form, please send a print screen of the error message to .
  • Candidates who wish to write the name of their diploma in Cyrillic or Greek alphabet should change the "tabset" at the desktop in order to do so.
  • Documents will only be requested in case your application has the status "pre-selected".
  • Documents or applications sent via post or mail, etc. are disregarded.
  • The application form can only be submitted after you have filled in all tabs. After submitting the application form, you will receive an e-mail with an identification number. This number will enable you to re-enter the application form and make necessary changes before the deadline of the application period.
  • The Traineeships Office advises to apply well ahead of the deadline. Due to the very high number of applications, the system may encounter problems processing the large amounts of data when reaching the deadline for submitting the applications. But also, the CoR's informatics department may have more time to have a closer look at your specific question.
  • Be honest. Do not forget that the Traineeships Office requests proof of what you have declared in your application form. When it becomes apparent that you knowingly made a wrongful declaration or provided false statements or papers at the moment of application or at any time during the traineeship period, your application will be cancelled.

"Personal data" tab:
In case you possess a double nationality, please use your European nationality.

"Experience" tab:
In case you are still employed on the date of your registration, please fill in the date of registration as end date.

"Studies" tab:
As a minimum requisite you must have obtained at least a bachelor degree, and you must have ended your full degree at the deadline of the application period.

"Motivation" tab:
Any work experience or academic background is very welcome in the motivation section.
You should delete, however, all data that is connected to you as a person, such as your name, picture, signature, address, etc.

"Skills" tab:
Give examples of your specific skills/competences.

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